Attractive for guests: bed linen with a soft stripe pattern

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Slumber-pillowcase, hotel fastener 15 cm
ca. 40x40cm    
Pillowcase, hotel fastener (20 cm) sidewards
ca. 40x80cm    
ca. 50x80cm    
ca. 60x90cm    
ca. 70x90cm    
Duvet-cover, hotel fastener (30 cm)
ca. 140x200cm    
ca. 140x210cm    
ca. 160x210cm    
ca. 160x220cm    
  • 001 - white

You will be looking forward to going to sleep. This first-class bed linen in a modern diagonal striped design (10 mm) is of satin quality.

100 % cotton

This product is made to order, will not take back.
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