Round tablecloth with reinforced hem

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Tablecloth, ribbon timmed seam
ca. ∅ 160cm (208 g/qm)    
ca. ∅ 200cm (208 g/qm)    
ca. ∅ 240cm (208 g/qm)    
ca. ∅ 280cm (208 g/qm)    
ca. ∅ 300cm (208 g/qm)    
ca. ∅ 320cm (208 g/qm)    
  • 001 - white

Full-twist, plain-coloured, completely plane. Hem underlayed with ribbon. Sanforised. To define the direction of warp and weft, there are 2 small insewn loops in weft direction. Size after washing.

100 % cotton

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