Only wash - already done. Could not be more comfortable and economic.

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Size on request
Set, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 40x50cm    
Napkin, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 50x50cm    
Tablerunner, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 50x130cm    
ca. 50x175cm    
Tablemat, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 80x80cm    
ca. 85x85cm    
ca. 100x100cm    
Tablecloth seamed
ca. ∅ 130cm    
ca. ∅ 140cm    
ca. ∅ 160cm    
ca. ∅ 180cm    
Tablecloth, seamed on 4 sides
ca. 130x130cm    
ca. 130x170cm    
ca. 130x180cm    
ca. 130x190cm    
ca. 130x220cm    
ca. 140x140cm    
ca. 140x180cm    
ca. 140x220cm    
ca. 160x160cm    
ca. 185cm (280g/qm)    
  • 001 - white

The non-ironing structure table linen is really trendy. An attractive eye-catcher in your restaurant.

65 % cotton/35 % polyester

This product is made to order, will not take back.
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